because life is Not A Rehearsal

Helping professional women over 40 to create strong, healthy and robust relationships.

I know that to the outside world you appear to have the ‘perfect’ life.

But I also know that you’re wearing a mask and hiding the reality that whilst you tick all of the boxes in terms of having a successful façade, you’re actually hiding the fact that you’re unhappy with your relationship.

That’s why you’re here, reading this information, contemplating relationship coaching and wondering if I’m the person who can help you make the changes you need to make to create the strong, healthy and robust relationship you dream about and possibly once had.

I'm Deb, it's Great to Meet You.

I help women like you take back control and create the strong, healthy and robust relationship that you want.

Relationship coaching enables you to create the life you want, on your terms, so you can remove your mask and live a life filled with openness, honesty and security. Safe in the knowledge that your relationship is strong enough to weather any storm, robust enough to adapt to the twists and turns of life and healthy enough to support both individuals within your relationship.

I created my signature Behind the Mask Programme after I made a defiant decision to apply my unique SIM methodology into my own life which resulted in me living my life on my terms and creating the strongest, healthiest and most robust relationship I’ve ever had.

I share it now through with women just like you because I know how liberating and powerful it is to create your life on your terms and see the benefits in all areas of your life and relationships.


What's your relationship worth to you?

Ways to work with me

Relationship Review Power Hour - £150

Sometimes you don’t want to commit to working long-term with someone you don’t know.  Relationships Coaching is exactly the same.  My Relationships Review Power Hour is exactly what it says, a Power Hour with me to work on an aspect of your relationship that isn’t working for you right now.  It will be intense but you’ll walk away with strategies to implement right away to create immediate change. This is suitable for both couples and individuals.  Book a call for an initial no-obligation chat.

1-2-1 Coaching, Block of 6 Sessions - £900 - £1,500

As it says on the tin; a block booking of six 1-2-1 coaching sessions with me focusing on specific issues within your relationship.

This coaching is available for individuals, couples and a combination of the both.  Many couples like to start with individual sessions then join for couples sessions at around week 4 onwards.

Book a call with me to discuss the best option for you.

Lights ~ Camera ~ Action - £1,500

I get it, sometimes you’re not ready to work with someone when it comes to fixing your relationship.  You’re stuck in your outdated thinking and social conditioning that says as a successful, professional woman you should be able to do it on your own. Maybe deep down you feel that you’re not quite ready to join the top 6% of women over 40 who are living their relationships dreams.  And that’s OK. That’s why I’ve condensed as much relationships coaching as possible into this self-study course that could have you living your best relationship yet in as little as 9 1/2 weeks!  When you’re ready, book a call with me and we’ll get you started in no time.

Behind the Mask - £3,000

If you’re ready to embrace relationships coaching to create powerful change, and plunge you straight into membership of the top 6% of women over 40 living their life on their terms with a strong, healthy and robust relationship, full of the ripple effect of sexy little extras then Behind the Mask is THE programme for you.  Book a call with me and you could start to see the effect of those sexy little extras in as little as 90-days.

Happy Clients

What my clients say:

I’d like to say a ‘public thank you for the call we had today’ you are a very smart, switched on lady.

You helped me today in a way that allowed me to give myself permission to NOT HIDE’ but that’s also interesting in itself as that’s what my platform is about. Removing the mask at the stage door.

You definitely rock! Thank you.  It was like someone was giving me rocket fuel xx 

Yvette, London, UK 

I thought my marriage was over, I was convinced we had drifted too far apart and had nothing in common any more now our children are almost adults.  Talking it over with Deb, she helped me examine these issues and also made me think about what my husband’s fears and perspective might be.

This meant that when I plucked up the courage to have a discussion with my husband we were able to have a really good heart to heart and talk about what we both need in order to feel connected.  We are now in a place where we can work to create a future together.

Thank you Deb 💜

Shona, East Anglia, UK 

During a difficult time recently I was lucky enough to have Deb to lean on.

Deb was there for me and allowed me to express how I was feeling without any fears of being judged. She listened to me and was able to offer me sound advice in order for me to progress with my life goals and to develop my self-esteem.

I was touched by the kindness, strength and care Deb showed me. 

Charlotte, Somerset, UK 

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