Intimately Yours

Intimate 1-2-1 Coaching when you want it

You know you want help in your relationship but you don’t want to sign up to a programme, they’re expensive, they cover a lot of stuff you’re pretty certain you don’t need or want and you have to commit to the same time every week for a set number of weeks.  That just doesn’t work for you.

If only you could work with a relationship coach who was available when you are.  Who you could talk to a couple of times a month if necessary and who answered your emails or messages.

Well now you can.

With Intimately Yours you call the shots.

You commit to 90 minutes of coaching per month, every month for 6 months (equivalent to 6 sessions in traditional 1-2-1 coaching).


You get to choose when to take those minutes.  Maybe you want one 90 minute session, or two 45-minute sessions, that’s absolutely perfect.  Perhaps one month you want three 30-minute sessions instead.

No Problem.

This is flexible coaching where you bring the agenda.

All relationships go through rough patches, sometimes you need a little more than just talking to someone.  You usually message your girlfriends but you know they always take your side and aren’t always as objective as you need.

Intimately Yours includes unlimited* messaging and emails within your monthly package.

Reserve the time and call it down when you want it knowing that you’ve also got the back up and support from messaging and emails.

And don’t feel that just because you’re calling the shots and setting the agenda that you won’t get any benefit.

Deb will call upon her extensive experience and expertise, applying her unique SIM Methodology™ and her skills as a hypnotherapist, TimeLine Therapist™ and NLP Coach Practitioner to ensure you get the results you want.

At just £250 per month (value £360) you reserve Deb’s time to work exclusively with you on the stuff YOU want to work on.

To arrange a no obligation call to find out more just click on the button below.

*unlimited emails and messages are usually responded to within 24 hours during the week, within 60 hours at weekends.