What’s your Relationship Worth?

How much is your relationship worth to you?

A new watch? A new car? A new kitchen?  A bunch of flowers? A slap up meal? Your favourite lipstick or perfume? An I’m sorry’ card?

Or is it worth 50% of your net worth in a divorce settlement?

I typically work with professional women over 40 who seemingly have everything sussed but their relationship isn’t as good as it could be, they might even be thinking that divorce is the only answer.

If your relationship is feeling the strain and you’re thinking that it’s run it’s course, why not invest in a Relationship Review Power Hour with me.


One lady I spoke to recently was still in love with her husband but couldn’t see any way forward for their relationship other than divorce. She’d even worked out how much it would cost them as a couple both in real terms and emotional terms.

I was her ‘last chance’ and she didn’t hold out much hope.

In just one hour I was able to give her a fresh perspective and some suggestions to improve the relationship and bring it back to a stage where they can communicate effectively, openly and honestly about what they both need.

Here’s what she sent to me sometime after our Power Hour:

“I thought my marriage was over, I was convinced we had drifted too far apart and had nothing in common any more now our children are almost adults.

Talking it over with Deb, she helped me examine these issues and also made me think about what my husband’s fears and perspective might be.

This meant that when I plucked up the courage to have a discussion with my husband we were able to have a really good heart to heart and talk about what we both need in order to feel connected.

We are now in a place where we can work to create a future together.

Thank you Deb 💜”

What’s your relationship worth to you, £180 or 50% of your net worth?

Book your Relationship Review Power Hour with me now and let’s save you 50% of your net worth.