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Programme Overview

A small investment now or 50% of your net worth in a divorce settlement?

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A few minutes of your time now could save you a significant amount of money in the future.  Take a few moments to book a call and we’ll get to work ASAP.

Change is frightening.  But so is living out the rest of your life in relationships that don’t inspire you or excite you, or reeling from a costly and acrimonious divorce.

You’re reading this because you’re fed up.  You’re probably feeling like you’re just settling, feeling like you’re living someone else’s life and you’re masking your true feelings. How often do you tell yourself “There’s got to be more to life than this?”

You wonder what happened to the fun, laughter and romance of times gone by.  You’ve forgotten what it is to be a couple. You’re not even sure you have anything in common any more.

Relationship Coaching can help you to create a strong, healthy and robust relationship that will impact all areas of your life, it’s what I call the ‘sexy little extras of the ripple effect’ and the investment is significantly less than the cost of divorce.

Take a look at the programme overview to see how I work then book a call to discuss the best way forward for you.  We’ll get your relationship working again in next to no time.


Uncovering the secrets of the Behind the Mask Programme creates powerful change which propels you into the top 6% of women over 40 living life on their terms and creating strong, healthy and robust relationships.

Behind the Mask walks you through the 5-steps of the SIM methodology;

  • Get Real
  • Silence the Fear Monster
  • The Secret Weapon
  • Step into Selfish
  • Defiant Decision

With weekly training, monthly coaching calls and e-mail access to Deb, you will be hand-held through this programme as you remove the mask you’re wearing and learn how to create strong, healthy, robust relationships in a way you never thought possible.



Lights~Camera~Action shines a light on your relationship and guides you to take a look at where you are now and how you got to where you are.  Then you’ll take a look through a different lens to see what your future relationship could look like before taking action to create the relationship you truly want and deserve. 

This programme is primarily self-study with a monthly 1-hour coaching call with Deb and weekly live training responding to your questions.

As much relationships coaching as possible has been condensed into this self-study course and included a monthly 1-hour coaching call and weekly live training that could have you living your best relationship yet in as little as 9 1/2 weeks! 


1-2-1 Coaching
Individual & Couples

A block booking of six 1-2-1 coaching sessions with Deb focusing on specific issues within your relationship.

This coaching is available for individuals, couples and a combination of the both.

You can book a session for yourself or as a couple.  Alternatively, you might both wish to book as a couple but work as two individuals – there’s an option for that too.

This is all about getting the best result for you in the best way possible.

It can be nerve-wrecking speaking talking about relationship problems, we all like to keep those things private.  It’s why Deb makes sure she works with you in the way that best suits you.

£900 - £1,500

Power Hour

You don’t want to commit to regular coaching.  You’re not sure if a programme is the way to go but you need help in your relationship and you need it now.

The Relationship Review Power Hour is focused and intense relationship coaching that helps you to work through the most burning issue you have right now.

This is perfect if you’re at the ‘make or break’ stage of your relationship. Working it through on your own hasn’t helped you this far so why would a ‘make or break’ holiday without expert help work for you?

For strategies you can implement straight away and create the strong, healthy and robust relationship you want, book a power hour now.



♥  enjoying the sexy little extras of the ripple effect in your strongest, healthiest and most robust relationship ever.

♥  living your life on your terms, without fear of reprisal, just like the top 6% of women over 40.

♥  your sex life becoming even more intimate and passionate than it was when you’d just met.

♥  having open, honest conversations with your partner, without fear of judgement, knowing that you’re loved unconditionally.

You can have all this and more...

You and your relationship are worth it

Take the first step to creating the relationship you want

I’m giving you permission to say “YES” to having your best relationship ever.

You deserve it and so does your partner.

All it takes is a call with me and we’ll create the strongest, healthiest and most robust relationship you’ve ever had (in as little as 9½ weeks!)

What my Clients say...

I’d like to say a ‘public thank you for the call we had today’ you are a very smart, switched on lady.

You helped me today in a way that allowed me to give myself permission to NOT HIDE’ but that’s also interesting in itself as that’s what my platform is about. Removing the mask at the stage door.

You definitely rock! Thank you.  It was like someone was giving me rocket fuel xx 

Yvette, London, UK 

I thought my marriage was over, I was convinced we had drifted too far apart and had nothing in common any more now our children are almost adults.  Talking it over with Deb, she helped me examine these issues and also made me think about what my husband’s fears and perspective might be.

This meant that when I plucked up the courage to have a discussion with my husband we were able to have a really good heart to heart and talk about what we both need in order to feel connected.  We are now in a place where we can work to create a future together.

Thank you Deb 💜

Shona, East Anglia, UK 

During a difficult time recently I was lucky enough to have Deb to lean on.

Deb was there for me and allowed me to express how I was feeling without any fears of being judged. She listened to me and was able to offer me sound advice in order for me to progress with my life goals and to develop my self-esteem.

I was touched by the kindness, strength and care Deb showed me. 

Charlotte, Somerset, UK