Are you ready
to live a life
that you love?

Change is frightening.  But so is living out the rest of your life in relationships that don’t inspire you or excite you.  You’re feeling like you’re just settling, feeling like you’re living someone else’s life and that you’re just masking your true feelings.

Programme Overview

The Behind the Mask Programme helps you to harness your feminine power and become the leading lady of your own Blockbuster Life.  You will create a life full of  passionate relationships, unconditional love, happiness and abundance whilst successfully managing your existing commitments, balancing all of the hats you wear and still find the time, money and energy for the things you love without feeling like you’re fighting a losing battle.

Uncovering the secrets of the Behind the Mask Programme creates powerful change which propels you into the top 6% of women over 40 living their Blockbuster Life and having passionate, healthy, robust relationships on their terms.

Embracing the Behind the Mask programme enables you to rewrite your script on your terms, abolishing the outdated thinking and social conditioning that you’ve lived by until now.

You will reclaim your life, find balance, reduce stress, regain energy and rebuild trust to find out who you really are and what you really want.

Warning: Your life will change if you choose to harness your feminine power, rewrite your script and become the leading lady of your own blockbuster life.

What If...

You stopped feeling scared that people would find out the ‘real you’ that you’re hiding from the rest of the world every day?

Your dirty little secret – significant debt, substance abuse, abusive relationship, uninspiring job – became a thing of your past?

You truly did and said exactly what you wanted to?

You joined the top 6% of women over 40 living their life on their terms?

Happy Clients

What my clients say...

I’d like to say a ‘public thank you for the call we had today’ you are a very smart, switched on lady. You helped me today in a way that allowed me to give myself permission to NOT HIDE’ but that’s also interesting in itself as that’s what my platform is about. Removing the mask at the stage door. You definitely rock! Thank you.  It was like someone was giving me rocket fuel xx 

Yvette, London, UK 

I hired Deb precisely because she scared me a little. I’m ill disciplined, disorganised and like chasing shiny objects that catch my attention. 

She confronts difficult issues directly and knows how to balance empathy with tough love when you need it. Your history doesn’t have to determine your future. Deb may be a way to rewrite your life if you invite her in and let her help you now. 

Marcus, Surrey, UK 

During a difficult time recently I was lucky enough to have Deborah to lean on. Deb was there for me and allowed me to express how I was feeling without any fears of being judged. She listened to me and was able to offer me sound advice in order for me to progress with my life goals and to develop my self-esteem. I was touched by the kindness, strength and care Deb showed me. 

Charlotte, Somerset, UK